Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekly Links: June 25th, 26th & 27th

We're headed to the Midcoast for Sarah and Nate's wedding this weekend. Things have been extra crazy hectic with my job wrapping up, big work projects, the looming deadline to finish Sarah's wedding shrug, wedding details and Joe leaving for a month the day after the wedding. I'm looking forward to getting through all the hair appointments, nail appointments, decorating, baking, frantic knitting and details, details, details to enjoy an afternoon and evening with family, friends and celebrating Nate and Sarah.

Which reminds me, as Maid of Honor, I better add coming up with a toast to that list!

Trader Joe's is coming to Portland! For years I've been so jealous of people who live close to Trader Joe's. The gluten-free products, the great prices, the delicious sounding gluten-free products . . . and soon there will be a new store in Portland right near Whole Foods - perfect for stocking up on gluten-free yumminess not available in the Bangor area. Now, if only one of them would open a store in our neck of the woods.
A GF Marathon: I'm not sure I'm willing to so all the way to South Dakota for my first marathon (or if I'm even committed to the marathon idea), but I'm loving the idea of an all gluten-free marathon. I ran cross-country and track in high school and it was torture. I was constantly tired and suffered from cramps, chronic injuries and asthma. Looking back, I'm amazed I used to finish those races. This time around, I'm continually amazed by how resilient my body is, how rarely my asthma symptoms prevent me from completing a workout, that I have the energy to actually use my long legs to increase my stride and, most incredibly of all, that I can keep going for over an hour! I've read many comments in online forums that running seems to exacerbate symptoms for some people, but I feel better than ever.

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  1. Have fun at the wedding this weekend! I hope to see some pictures! :-)


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